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March 6, 2024Author: chabokgroup

Application of PERT and PEX 5-layer Pipes and Fittings

PERT and PEX 5-ply pipe fittings are versatile components used in a wide variety of plumbing and...

March 6, 2024Author: chabokgroup

Arm Pipe’s 5-Layer Pipes

Considering the large costs of today’s buildings, planning to increase the lifespan of...

March 6, 2024Author: chabokgroup

Arm Pipe’s Prices Have Been Determined

According to the public relations of Arm Pipe Company, the price list of this company’s...

March 5, 2024Author: chabokgroup

Arm Pipe; Holder of European Quality Control Certificate

Arm Pipe factory proudly has valid certificates in the field of production and supply of five-layer...