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About us

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Arm Pipe Company

Arm Pipe Company was established in 2005 with the aim of commercial activities in the field of producing pipes and fittings according to international standards and using the best raw materials. This company produces all kinds of 5-layer pipes and fittings.

Arm Pipe Company, is a direct reference for supplying this category of products in the country with nearly two decades of activity and 240 products related to plumbing and installing heating systems.

Producing products in accordance with global standards and using the highest quality raw materials is always the main goal of this company.

The distinguishing feature of Arm Pipe products compared to others

By obtaining the standard certificate and industrial research certificate of the country, Arm Pipe Company of Yazd has been able to satisfy customers and guarantee the quality of its products and has been able to develop its products by creating a wide sales network in domestic markets.

Using the most experienced engineering staff and the best and most modern devices and equipment, as well as a 10-year warranty and support for its products, this company has become one of the largest producers of all types of pipes and 5-layer fittings.

Specialized Laboratory

Arm Pipe Laboratory is one of the most distinguished and specialized laboratories that provide all kinds of tests for five-layer pipes in the country, and this well-equipped laboratory has made the products produced by this company to have the highest quality and health level.

Due to the laboratory and strict quality control procedures, Arm Pipe products can compete with all domestic samples and even valid European samples. Arm Pipe laboratory was established in 2005 and the specialists of this section of Arm Pipe Collection are trying to improve the quality of the offered products every day.


Arm Pipe has cooperated with various organizations and companies to provide equipment needed for water supply, facilities and heating system during nearly two decades of its activity. You can see some of the following prominent projects that have used Arm pipe products.

  • The project of the largest international cardiology hospital in the Middle East in Yazd province
  • Mehr Baharestan housing project of 176 units of Aine Khaneh company (Isfahan)
  • Farda Builders Cooperative Project, Shahid Ameri Project (Zahedan)
  • The project of 224 units of Jihad for the construction of houses for warriors (Sanandaj)
  • Project of 276 units of Shin Avai Company (Urmia)
  • Arash Housing Cooperative Project (Yazd)
  • Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation Project (Arak)
  • Residential Project of Al-Mustafa Community (Qom)
  • 140-unit project in Golestan (Isfahan)
  • 708-unit Koi Kosar project (Arak)
  • Nizam Engineering Residential Project (Qom)
  • 360-unit towers in Khorramabad