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5-Layer Pipes

Specifications of Arm Pipe 5-layer pipes

5-layer pipes are a type of plumbing pipes designed with multiple layers to enhance their performance and durability. They are widely used in plumbing and heating systems.

Pipe structure

In the old generation of pipes, which were metallic, in the applications of the construction industry, there were problems such as permeability to oxygen and as a result wear and decay of pumps and mechanical installations, and polymer pipes also had limitations in transmission. They had high temperature fluids and high pressure tolerance.

Therefore, researchers achieved composite pipes by combining polymer and metal, which replaced the old generation of pipes. The combination of PEX mesh or non-mesh polyethylene with aluminum created a new generation of pipes, in which the aluminum layer is placed between two PEX or PERT layers with a special adhesive, and five-layer PEX pipes. PEX-AL-PEX or PERT-AL-PERT are produced.

The structure of these pipes, as you can see in the figure, is located in the innermost layer of PEX material, then the adhesive layer is extruded on this material so that the third layer, which is aluminum, sticks to the inner PEX layer, until here a three-layer pipe of PEX, adhesive and aluminum, which Longitudinal ultrasonic welding is formed, it is again glued on the aluminum layer and extruded on the PEX glue as the outermost layer, thus producing a 5-layer pipe. The aluminum layer reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion and also prevents the passage of light and oxygen, thus preventing the destruction of the facilities.

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