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5-Layer PEX and PERT Pipes

Five-layer pipes are a new generation of pipes that are made of a combination of metal and polymer and have various uses in many industries. These pipes include two layers of polyethylene, two layers of adhesive and a middle layer made of aluminum.

The five-layer pipes of Arm Pipe are produced with the best raw materials, and go through all the necessary quality control tests. Therefore, the final product produced by this company has a ten-year quality warrantly.

5-Layer Fittings at Arm Pipe

These fittings include Press and Coupling fittings at Arm Pipe.
These fittings are made of resistant brass body with nickel alloy coating and are suitable for domestic and industrial use. With easy installation and complete sealing, they are sold in a wide variety at Arm Pipe Company.
Press Fittings:
In press fittings, a metal ring is used to connect to the pipes. These types of fittings, with high strength and fast installation speed, are used for industrial purposes and large facilities.

Manifold, Manifold Box and Tools

Manifold and Manifold Boxes are the most important equipment for the implementation of underfloor heating systems. The manifold usually includes a stepped manifold to create branches in the pipes, a manifold box as a container for collecting in one place and managing each pipe and taking different branches from it.
In Arm Pipe, manifold and manifold boxes are presented with the highest possible quality.

5-Layer Pipes Installation Tools

Installation Tools are tools that are used for various industrial and construction applications.
Installation tools include many tools such as scissors, press devices, pipe foam, etc.
Providing and using any of these tools is mandatory for a construction work facility for proper and clean plumbing.
At Arm Pipe company, various installation tools, pipe foam, PEX scissors, etc., with the highest quality, are ready to be offered to the facilities of dear workers.