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March 5, 2024

Fittings and valves at Arm Pipe

Fittings and valves in Armam Pipe are in two main groups, coupling and pressing, which are produced using the highest quality raw materials, including brass, O-rings, stainless steel rings, and strength in pressing fittings with advanced and precise machines.

All the necessary tests, including the 5000 cycle test, are performed on connections and valves. Also, the production connections have the size and trademark of the factory.

After the quality control, these fittings are placed in the cartons of the specified quantity and the identification label is attached to it, and for the strength and durability of the product, all the cartons are divided and transferred to the warehouse.

All types of fittings and valves in Aram Pipe

Arm pipe fittings cover a wide range of user needs in the construction and facilities industry. Some of these products include:

  • Types of collector valves
  • Multi-layer pipe fitting
  • Coupling connections of multilayer pipes
  • Radiator fittings and valves
  • Underfloor heating piping connections
  • Types of collectors and collector boxes
  • Types of collector mounting plates

Components of fittings and valves of Arm Pipe

Press Fittings

Pipe fittings are composed of four components. The first part of this type of fittings is made of brass, which is plated with nickel alloy for strength and beauty. O-rings are the next part of this type of connection. In order to prevent water leakage, in addition to the compression of the teeth of the connecting body in the inner flesh of the pipe, two silicone O-rings are used in each branch.

The stainless steel ring is the next part of this type of connection. When the connecting body is placed inside the pipe, this ring is fixed on the pipe and the pipe is actually restrained between the steel ring and the brass body. The holes are visible on this ring and it is ready for the ring to be pressed on it.

The last part of these press-arm pipe fittings are plastic restraints that are located at the end of the tooth of each branch and are used to maintain and restrain the steel ring on the body of the connection. By keeping the steel ring in place on the body of the connection, this restraint has increased the execution speed.

Coupling fittings

Coupling joints consist of three components. The body of the connection is made of brass with nickel alloy plating, and at the branching outlet of each connection, there are reverse teeth to keep the pipe in place. At the end of the tusks, the connection body has a thread for screwing the nut to it.

The second part of these O-ring connections, and the last part is the brass ring that holds the pipe. When the body of the connection is placed inside the pipe, this ring is placed on the pipe and the pipe is actually restrained between the ring and the body.


Fittings and valves are essential components in building plumbing, and each of them has different uses. The choice of these types of components depends on your purpose and is generally recommended by experts. Five-layer fittings and valves are the main products of Yazd Arm Plastic Nagar Company and are widely sold in the market.

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