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Weld inspection of Pipes with Overlapping Welding by Microscope

Weld inspection is a process in which welds are checked for quality, strength, safety and a number of other important factors.

Weld Inspection Test

Arm Pipe Company guarantees the quality of its products by using its experienced experts and conducting pipe welding tests.

In this test, the welding condition of the pipes with overlapping welding should be examined by a microscope with a magnification of at least 40.

The welded area of ​​the aluminum layer should be in the middle of the overlapping area of ​​these layers where they meet. The minimum width of the weld should be 2 mm, and the weld area should not be crushed, fractured, or the edge of the weld should not be pushed in or out. As it is clear in the figure, you can see the sample of suitable welding and three types of inappropriate welding.