What standards does Arm Pipe Company have?

This company has the national standard certificate No. 12753-2, operating license, establishment license and sanitary construction license and technical certificate of Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Organization. The global standards of this company is CVI certificate.

What is Types of Five-layer Pipes?

Five-layer pipes are generally divided into two main categories:

PEX: This type of pipe consists of three main layers: PEX, ALUMINUM and Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX).

PERT: This type of pipe also consists of three layers: PERT, ALUMINUM and High-density polyethylene (PERT)

To which countries can you ship your products?

We will try to find a way to ship our products to your destination country. Simply coordinate with our sales department in this regard so that we can assess the transportation needs to your destination country.

Where can I buy fittings for 5-layer pipes?

We offer a complete range of fittings and installation equipment for five-layer pipes. To get these supplies, simply contact our company.