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Layer Separation Test for M-type Multilayer Pipes

The purpose of this test is to check the adhesive strength in the middle layer of the 5-layer pipe, which is performed by the quality control unit of Arm Pipe Company.

Adhesion Resistance Test

In this test, cut at least 5 rings with a length of 10mm from the tube in such a way that the two sides of the ring are perpendicular to the axis of the tube. Then, with a suitable tool, separate the outer layer of the pipe and aluminum from the opposite point of the weld by 5mm.

Then put the test piece in the tension device according to the figure and separate the outer layer of the tube and aluminum from the inner layer at a temperature of 23±2C and at a speed of 50 mm/min. The diameter of the holding rod of each test piece should be 95% of the inner diameter of the pipe. Record the adhesion force diagram. The force at any point should not be less than 40 newtons.

Test schematic for Layer Separation Test